Off-Campus Access: Set Up Your Computer for VPN

To use online resources that the Library licenses you need to be identified as a Chulalongkorn University Library patron. You do this by making sure your computer appears to be on the CHULA network. This is easy when you are on campus using your laptop - just connect to the CUNET wireless network. When you are off campus, you will use Virtual Private Network (VPN) to put your laptop or desktop computer back on the CHULA network.

There are three steps to using the VPN:

  • 1. Download and install the VPN client software, called AnyConnect. (You only do this part once.) >> Download
  • 2. Each time you want to use CHULA resources, e.g. library e-journals or databases, start the AnyConnect program.
  • 3. Login using your NetID and password in the AnyConnect window and click "connect."

Note that you must follow step 2 and 3 each time you wish to use library materials - even when you find them through Google Scholar or directly on a publisher's web site. To avoid being asked to pay for articles that the Library already licenses on your behalf, it's best to run AnyConnect VPN whenever you are doing research.

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